9 best apps to level up your business

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I hope I am not wrong when I say that life of an entrepreneur is a crazy one.

Unless you are a hot-shot company owner like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Sadly, not every entrepreneur gets the luxury of a fleet of men handling tricky jobs while they hit the sack. What if I tell you – you could have automated slaves taking care of some tasks 24/7.

These days, more and more companies are investing in business management software to tackle the most mundane and challenging jobs. Mobile apps, a kind of intelligent software, have enabled entrepreneurs to predict risks and improve overall efficiency.

Zenith reports that three-quarters of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Given the ridiculous increase in usage, it is the perfect time for business owners to penetrate the landscape and reap the rewards for their companies.

Top apps for entrepreneurs who want to bring their companies to a whole new level

Here are the 9 business apps to help your business reach new heights.


Slack helps teams to collaborate on projects via a seamless communication pattern. It is one of the most authentic sales team tools endorsed for its reliability by many. It helps to connect remote teams and centralize communication.

You can discuss and share files on this platform. Moreover, you can integrate this with the CRM to manage sales deals more effectively.

Recently, the developers announced that they would launch a new version of the app. It has an upgraded interface that is highly user-friendly. Remember, making work transparent and accessible for all employees is a key employee retention strategy. With Slack in your armor, you can achieve team satisfaction, encouraging them to participate actively.


Square is the ultimate payment app for small companies. It is a must-have for all entrepreneurs who are mainly on the go.

It comes with a reader where you can swipe cards. A tiny reader connects to your device and allows you to process payments within a jiffy. Compared to other static payment solutions, Square offers extreme mobility.

Square deducts 2.75% from all credit card transactions. You have to pay an additional amount that accepts chip and contactless cards. The hardware isn’t cheap, making it the most popular app among other payment applications. You can find some more apps in this genre and create a folder on your phone to access them altogether.

Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM enables the users to organize their sales and enhance conversions. It is an advanced CRM application designed to handle new-age corporate solutions.

The app gives more sales control to the users. This is useful to prolong customer relationships. Salesmate is perfect for improving your CRM issues. Some tasks it performs include:

  • Anticipate future opportunities
  • Systematically sort customer information
  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Manage sales process
  • View the past and present status of pending deals
  • Set reminders and schedule appointments
  • Track sales emails easily

 Quickbooks Online

No business can progress without keeping an eye on overall revenue, profit margins, and financial health. Quickbooks Online is the remedy you need to resolve your accounting woes. It has multiple service tiers which you can choose from. You can scale according to your company’s growth.

The best part of this app is – you can easily share it with your accountants. They can have access to your account and make changes if necessary.

The app comes with an impressive marketplace of over 600 applications. This helps to bring more functionality and cut back on duplicating work from one platform to another. However, it is essential to watch a few tutorials online to learn how to use this app.

The key perk of this app is its flawless security system. Given that accounts are one of the most crucial business components, developers have gone the extra mile to integrate a secure structure. The security features, like those of airG scam-free apps, ensure that no malicious entities penetrate and access data.


Wunderlist exceptionally excels at task management and deadline reminders. It makes it relatively easy to input tasks, assign a due date, and receive notifications when the job gets completed. The app synchronizes across your laptop and smart devices to help you access data quickly.

The employees can view the list and take notes on tasks they should handle. The basic version of this app is free. You can delegate tasks to the employees, set deadlines, make subtasks, and add notes.

The app excels as a way to manage professional and personal to-do lists. Nonetheless, you should opt for a more viable project management tool if you are looking for more extensive features. Experts have stated that this app doesn’t have the elements for managing the whole team projects.


Finding and verifying professional email addresses is an important part of business marketing. For this essential task, you can seek the assistance of Hunter to connect with suitable business professionals. All you have to do is type the first and last name of the website. You will find emails of the company and its publicly verified email address. It is quick and effortless.

Hunter is, thus, the best app to find business emails for reaching out to prospects.


Images leave a lasting impact on the customers. Your business app needs to have high-level photos to ensure they entice customers to probe more.

Research from Skyword shows that if your content includes powerful images, you get an average of 94% more views than your boring competitors. Hence, PicMonkey is the app you need to enhance the visual power of your application. It helps to crop photos for social media or edit a picture for your application.

There is no need to have the prior graphic-design experience to use this application. It is an incredibly user-friendly app that enables you to produce professional-level images without tiring effort.


Knowing how your company spends time is essential to plan your company structure. Timely is the app that streamlines the time-tracking process. It records everything your team works on. This greatly helps to manage the time spent on each project. The leading authorities can also question employees if they spend a long time working on a simple task.

The features that stand out in this app include:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Client-friendly reporting
  • Hourly rates and overtime
  • Real-time project dashboards


Cut down your travel expenses by conducting meetings online. You can have swift conversations with prospects living abroad with a few taps. Zoom is the leader of modern enterprise video communications. It is the perfect app to conduct meetings with your team and clients who live miles away.

This app allows you to share screens easily and give compelling sales presentations. It has proven itself as an advanced productivity tool for companies and educational institutes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parting Thoughts

You cannot expect to take your business to new heights if you do not adopt a progressive mindset. Apps are the ultimate rescue from the tiring tasks that kill the productivity and creativity of business teams. This blog is meant to give you an insight into the kinds of tasks you can perform via apps. We suggest you scan the digital marketplaces to spot the app that will work for you. In case you found one on our list, don’t forget to leave your remarks!

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