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A Forest Park & E-Vehicles at Noida airport

In the latest development for Noida International Airport, as a part of a greenfield project and sustainable development, the company which is developing the airport has recently revealed new initiatives such as electric vehicles and a forest park on the premises. The upcoming airport will be made of over 5,000 hectares of land. In the first phases, for the construction, 1,334 hectares were acquired from the villages in Jewar. 

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As for the forest park, it will be made on 8 hectares. This will be part of the environmental management plan to highlight the green cover around the premises. As per the officials, the plan for work is already in process. NIA has already started the plantation programme where 70 trees including Sheesham, Neem and Mango are brought. These trees are being transported to the site. The forest park will be used as a space for the public to enjoy in their leisure time. 

 “This will be a sustainable green space for the airport. NIA plans to preserve native species and be nature-positive throughout its development. Over 7,000 trees will be preserved at the site, with around 500 of them in the forest reserve. The forest reserve will see the transplantation of over 20 native species of trees,” stated NIA chief executive officer Christoph Schnellmann. 

Currently, the authority is seeking Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) ratings for their 4 categories. It includes people (health and well-being), environment (green new building), sustainable campus (green campus) and low carbon (net-zero energy).

 “In line with its aspirations to be a green airport, NIA is committed to providing infrastructure and facilities for 100% electrically powered vehicles at the airport in a phased manner. NIA will produce or procure power from sustainable sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric,” said by Schnellmann.

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