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Ahead of Vice President’s visit to Greater Noida today, police issued a traffic advisory

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As per the latest development, Noida police instructed new traffic rules for a short span of time. All this came due to the visit of the Vice President of India to Gautam Buddh Nagar University for the final day of  Indo – the Africa Hackathon in Greater Noida. 

The new rules on Noida traffic are as follows- 

  • Residents using the Expressway from the Roundabout Chowk towards Greater Noida can use Chowk to Rajnigandha Chowk as well as Sector 37.
  • Traffic around DND towards Expressway can use Rajnigandha Chowk via Sector 37 and Sector 18. 
  • Residents who had to use Chilla Red Light to the Expressway towards Greater Noida  can take a flyover from Sector 14a through Rajnigandha chowk
  • Those going to Expressway from Rajnigandha chowk can take Sector 18 and Sector 37.
  • People who have to go to a side road to go to the Expressway towards Greater Noida can use Sector 37
  • Residents using Sector 37 to go to the expressway for Greater Noida can use the service line to Sector 44 roundabout.
  • Residents using Zero Point towards Pari Chowk can take Panchsheel Underpass and NSEZ.

For traffic going from Gautam Buddh University

  • Traffic towards Noida from Pari Chowk or say Greater Noida can reach their spot through Alpha Commercial Roundabout / P3 Roundabout.
  • Those coming from Agra towards Noida can take Pari Chowk Alpha Commercial Roundabout. 
  • Residents arriving from Sector 37 using DND will be shifted to Rajnigandha Chowk and Sector 18. 
  • Traffic in the area around Kalindi will be similarly shifted.
  • Those who are going to DND from Rajnigandha Chowk can take a route to Chilla or Ashok Nagar.
  • Traffic coming from Chilla can take Rajnigandha Chowk to Roundabout Chowk to New Ashok Nagar.
  • It will all be done due to the arrival of the Vice President of India in the city. 

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