Anand Mahindra Hires Girl Who Used Alexa to Stop Monkey Attack

New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has offered a job to a courageous girl who saved herself and her younger sister from a monkey attack by using Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa in the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh.

The 13-year-old girl cleverly commanded Alexa to bark like a dog, scaring away the monkey that had entered her sister’s home. Anand Mahindra praised the girl’s quick thinking and said that her actions showcase technology as an enabler of human ingenuity.

Anand Mahindra expressed his admiration for the girl’s potential for leadership in an unpredictable world. He mentioned on Twitter, “After she finishes her education, If she ever decides to work in the corporate world I hope we at @MahindraRise will be able to convince her to join us!!”

The incident highlights the importance of using technology to address challenges efficiently. The girl’s remarkable bravery and resourcefulness in the face of danger serve as an inspiration to many, showing the positive impact of technology in our lives.


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