Big Jill Videos Go Viral: Myrtle Beach Video Sparks Controversy 

Big Jill is a woman whose video is currently going viral on TikTok. It is trending amid social media users as well. This sparked a huge and widespread interest among netizens in the woman. 

The video showcases Big Jill at a party in which she was allegedly peed on. Thus, the subject of the video has resulted in widespread jokes and memes across numerous social media platforms.

About Big Jill Videos

Know Your Memes has recognized two major categories of videos of Big Jill. One of them includes raps, currently famous as ‘Big Jill Raps.’

Big Jill Raps videos feature the lady flaunting her rap skills, but in a sarcastic way. Another video is “Big Jill’s Myrtle Beach video.” This video ignited controversy all over the social media platforms when it went viral in April 2024 on TikTok.

Reportedly, the video was clicked in Wake County, North Carolina at a truck show. Purportedly, the video showcases “Big Jill being urinated on.”

An unknown source leaked the video on TikTok. As per Know Your Meme, @zac.lucarz was the first user on TikTok to link the video with Big Jill.

Users unveiled that they found the video on TikTok on its “For You” section. 

Who Is Big Jill?

Big Jill is a famous TikToker who has invaded the media headlines currently. Her real name is Jill Cannady. Since 2022, she is passionate about pickup trucks. 

Across the American South, she has participated in car shows such as ‘lifted truck’ and ‘squatted truck’ frequently. 

Big Jill’s TikTok account has more than 10,000 followers. However, recently her account faced a ban. However, she is still in contact with various pickup truck influencers, having thousands of followers on TikTok.

At the moment it is not clear who leaked the video on the platform. Times Now reported that netizens are speculating that “it could be Big Jill’s friend nicknamed Enzo. On his account @lil_enzo2.0, Enzo made a post seemingly taking a dig at Big Jill following the viral video debacle.”

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