14 Ayesha Pathan Web Series List for 2024 (18+ Scenes)

Discover the top 10 Ayesha Pathan web series for 2024, each featuring captivating narratives and bold 18+ scenes for mature audiences.

Ayesha Pathan Web Series –  The famous model and actress Ayesha Pathan needs no introduction. In a short period, she has garnered quite a fanbase with her sensual performance. Listed below are some of the best Ayesha Pathan Web Series that you can watch to see her commendable talent. Keep scrolling- 

Top 14 Ayesha Pathan Web Series

1. Sajani

Ayesha Pathan Web Series
Cast:Deepti Tiwari
Aisha Pathan
Rehaan Khan
Crew:Director: Azaad Bharti

The story is about an extra-marital affair and how it impacts one life. Once everything comes to light, the wife tries to justify her actions by saying her husband can’t satisfy her in bed. Quite a unique and intriguing plot that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

2. Paglet 3

Best Ayesha Pathan Web Series
Cast:Bharti Jha
Naaz Khan
Ayesha Pathan
Crew:Director: update soon

Stunning actress Naaz Khan will be seen alongside Ayesha Pathan. She is been associated with the ullu app for a long time, often appearing in many of their hit web series including Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special. Ayesha Pathan’s bold avatar in the web series will surely keep you hooked to your TV screens

3. Desire Papa

Top Ayesha Pathan Web Series
Cast:Noor Malabika
Crew:Director: SSK

Quite a sexual web series so viewer discretion is advised. It revolves around a group of young women who like to have pleasure in a different way and can do anything to fulfil it. 

4. The Depth

Ayesha Pathan Web Series
Cast:Ayesha Pathan
Crew:Director: Lakshmi Dheeptha

The Ayesha Pathan web series is about strangers who meet at a casual party and soon love starts to blossom. The bold scenes will make your jaw drop. Ayesha Pathan has left no stone turned with her sensual performance. 

5. Plum Cake

Plum Cake
Cast:Ayesha Pathan
Crew:Director: Lekshmi Dheepthi

This is the first time Ayesha Pathan will be seen in the Malayalam web series. Earlier she has been a part of many hit fantasy web series such as Gandi Kitab, Gulab Jamun, Baba Rancho 3, Shaadi Se Pehle DING DONG, Aiyash Pati and Khoon Bhari Mang.

6. Chull Room Service

Chull Room Service
Cast:Ayesha Pathan
Nitin Pareira
Crew:Director: Azaad Bharti

The web series shows a married couple with no love. The girl is only interested in her husband for his money and doesn’t want any kind of relationship with him. Whereas the husband loves her and wants to have a meaningful relationship but everything he tries any move, the wife rejects him. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

7. Gandi Kitab

Gandi Kitab
Cast:Vivaan Srivastava
Aisha Pathan
Gaurav Singh
Crew:Director: Sameer Salim Khan

The latest web series is available on the newly launched Hunt Cinema. The cast includes Gaurav Singh, Sana Khan, Love Preet Kaur, Akshar Bhardwaj and Vivan Srivastav apart from Ayesha Parthan. 

8. Sanvida

Cast:Gaurav Singh
Ayesha Pathan
Pihu Kanojiya
Crew:Director: Azaad Bharti

Well if you are looking for a feel-good web series filled with passionate love-making scenes then this might be right up your alley. Some of her best work to this date. 

9. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun
Cast:Ayesha Pathan
Imran Khan
Rajsi Verma
Sohel Khan
Crew:Director: soon update

A scientist has developed a new chemical if taken with Gulab Jamun can make men feel excited. So, ladies try this new invention on their respective partners. 

10. Shaadi Se Pehle DING DONGT

Shaadi Se Pehle DING DONGT
Cast:Ayesha Pathan
Navneet Singh
Mandeep Kaur
Crew:Director: Irfan Sheikh

The name in itself is enough to know what the web series is all about. It is directed by renowned director Irfan Khan and features Ayesha Pathan in the leading role.

11. Gaon Ki Garmi Season 4

Cast Ayesha Pathan, Mahi Kaur and Bhanu Suryam
Director Bhoomik Gaikwad
OTT Platform Ullu App

Ayesha Patha, Bhanu Suryam and Mahi Kaur teamed up together to give audience seductive and erotic that will keep them hooked to their TV screens. Ayesha Pathan is known for her bold persona on-screen. 

12. Baba Rancho 3

If you are looking for a bold web series with great plotline then thos one is right on your alley.

13. Maili Chader

Ayesha Pathan will be seen setting the stage on fire. The performance of the cast has received favourable reviews from the viewers as well as the critics. 

Director Sameer Salim Khan
Cast Aisha Pathan, Hiral Radadiya and Rocky Singh Rajput

14. Woh Din Desi Kisse

The potline is based on a strange tradition where the girl has isolate herself whenever she is on her period. Soon, she finds a way to invite her lover behind her family’s back and satisfy all her sexual cravings. 

OTT Platform ULLU Originals 
Cast Bharti Jha, Aisha Pathan and Ddarsh Prajapati

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