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Bloodstone Astrological Benefits: This Gemstone Can Change Your Life

Bloodstone is a well-known stone in the world of Gems. It has been in the news since time immemorial due to its magical and miraculous properties. It is believed that adversity will never touch the person who wears this stone. The person who wears this stone is filled with courage and is unafraid no matter how difficult the situation is.

There is an exciting story about the stone in western mythology. When Jesus Christ was crucified, his blood fell on the green grass. the blood drops change into bloodstones and it is regarded very highly by Western culture. In most houses, in western countries, bloodstone is kept with deep devotion and love.

Wearing the stone, the person can accrue several benefits. It is said that bloodstone helps to boost the immune system and improves the health of the liver, kidney, bladder, and intestine. The stone also helps to clear the body of toxins and it is even said that bloodstones can control the cholesterol levels of the wearer. It is useful in several diseases such as anemia, leukemia, tumors, acute infections, and back pain.

Mental benefits of wearing Bloodstone


There are numerous mental benefits to wearing a bloodstone. A person who is wearing a blood stone can accrue several benefits which include mental peace. Bloodstones can keep the brain in a peaceful state. A person who is wearing blood stones easily faces the vagaries of life calmly and peacefully. It helps the person take decisions quickly and correctly and increases the energy level of the body. Hence, it is recommended for persons who are depressed and experience low libido and weakness.

The stone is also recommended in persons who must do jobs that involve a lot of mental stress. People associated with public relations, traffic control, and professionals in the IT field which involves a lot of late-night work are also recommended to wear bloodstones. It will help to remove stress and get the job done with a calm composure.

Bloodstone and Meditation

The stone is highly recommended in such sections of society where cutthroat competition is making life miserable. Meditation as a method of relieving tension is recommended in such people and bloodstone helps them to concentrate while meditating. As already mentioned, Bloodstone helps to calm the frayed nerves of the brain. Hence it is recommended that the meditating person must wear a bloodstone and it should touch his body.

Identifying the Blood Stone

The bloodstone is a very hard gem and it has a hue of yellow and blue stains. Sometimes it can also have a light green hue and sometimes a light black color also. It is widely used in ornaments or in making the home attractive and filling it with positive energy.

Bloodstone is also used to remove the Vastu defects in the house.  It must be always kept on the East side of the house and it will lead to an unhindered flow of positive energy.

Health Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of bloodstone is that it feels the person with positive energy and makes the person feel highly energetic and full of self-confidence. As already mention it helps to remove toxins from the body and prevent them from causing any kind of ailment in the body. It is known that free radicals are one of the biggest causes of cancer in our body and it helps to remove these free radicals. It also helps to remove negative thoughts and make the person more positive in his outlook toward life.

Bloodstone is also worn by small kids and infants to prevent them from suffering from nightmares. If there is a lot of fear in small children or if they get scared very quickly about small things, then keeping this gem in the child’s room ends the fear of the child. Similarly, if a person lacks courage, wearing this stone brings courage and enthusiasm.

Who can wear it

Bloodstone can be worn by any person whose horoscope the sun is the master of good things but it is in a weakened state. It is also well known for its medical benefits and it is won by several people who are facing chronic diseases. Its master is the sun and hence just like the sun, it fills the person with positive energy. The stone is also recommended in persons who are facing a problem of lower self-confidence or self-esteem.

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