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Amethyst Stone Benefits: Miraculous Effects of Wearing Jaamuniya Ratna

Gemology is the study of gems and their effect on our lives. If these gems are worn correctly and as per Vedic astrology methods, the person can accrue the benefits of these precious stones. One such stone is amethyst and it is very beneficial in individuals in whom horoscope, Shani, or Saturn is in a bad position. Amethyst is also used in place of Neelam for Shani Dosh, as Blue Sapphire is very expensive. A person who cannot afford to buy Neelam stone can wear Amethyst following certain rules.

How To Wear an Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst Stone

As per astrological conventions Amethyst can be worn by people who have zodiac signs Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. The stone will be very beneficial for people of the above Zodiac signs.

Amethyst Stone is known to negate the bad effects of Saturn or Shani Dev. The stone should be preferably worn in the early morning on Saturday, which is the day of Shani. The stone must be immersed in Ganges water and subsequently, the Mantra of Shani must be recited 108 times. Te ring containing the stone must be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Benefits of Wearing the Amethyst Stone

A person can accrue several benefits by wearing this stone:-

  • The biggest benefit the person can gain by wearing this stone is that all the ailments such as knee problems, spinal cord ailments, and shoulder pain which are precipitated by Shani are preempted.
  • If you are facing difficulties in the smooth running of your business, wearing the amethyst stone will remove all such impediments which hinder the progress of your venture. Amethyst is particularly beneficial for people who are involved in the metal business, especially the iron industry. This is because Iron is associated with Shani and amethyst will make the Shani in your life very strong.
  • The individual who is wearing this stone becomes very responsible and serious. They complete the tasks given to them in a very effective and speedy manner. Wearing this stone increases the person’s intelligence and also helps them make logical and firm decisions.
  • Wearing this stone keeps the mind steady and calm. The stone can also cure several psychological diseases. The stone is recommended for persons who are distressed, depressed or remain in an irritable condition. This stone helps to keep the mental state of a person healthy and strong. It also helps to increase concentration.
  • As already mentioned, amethyst is beneficial for persons who are afflicted by Shani Dasha. It helps to moderate the intensity of bad luck due to Shani Dev.
  • The stone is used as a component in different types of medicines for treating Arthritis or bone cancer and paralytic stroke. Amethyst stone is also recommended for changing the personality of lazy people. The stone helps to pull out people from lethargy and fills them with fresh energy and confidence. The stone also makes the person aware of his responsibilities and fills them with the energy to face any dire circumstances.
  • The stone is highly recommended for career-oriented people and it helps them to reach new heights of Glory.
  • The stone also helps to maintain marital harmony. Young couples who wear the stone have deep mutual respect for one another and progress as a couple. Stone instills a feeling of confidence in both partners towards one another.
  • The stone is just like armor and protects the person from all kinds of evil designs being hatched by his enemies.
  • The stone also brings out a positive change in the person and slowly erases all the negative qualities which are present in the person. The person becomes more self-confident and starts to admire his internal beauty.

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