British-trained Ukrainian saboteurs eliminated in Kherson region, says Russia

Russian Authorities Stop Ukrainian Sabotage Groups Trained in Britain

MOSCOW, April 12 (IANS) – Russian authorities have revealed that they successfully thwarted the landing of Ukrainian sabotage groups in the Kherson region. The operation, allegedly planned by British special services, was prevented by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian Defence Ministry.

According to a statement by the FSB quoted by Xinhua news agency, one Ukrainian soldier was captured alive during the operation. The soldier reportedly disclosed that the saboteurs had received training in Britain.

The FSB pointed out that the Special Boat Service, a British maritime special forces unit, was overseeing the activities of Ukrainian military involved in such operations. This suggests direct UK involvement in the conflict, as per the FSB’s claims.

The incident raises concerns about the extent of foreign interference and the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The capture of the Ukrainian soldier and the connection to British training highlight the complex geopolitical dynamics at play in the region.


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