BTS Army Finds Out Lookalike Of Jungkook, Netizens Online Are In Shock

BTS Army fans are not only mad fans of their ideal gang, but they are also really good at scanning faces and matching similarities. The ARMY of BTS fans has found someone who looks like their favorite Jungkook, and they’re all just freaking out over it. Jungkook is a member of the K-pop band BTS, and the whole group is out of mandatory military service right now.

BTS Army Finds Out Doppelganger Of Jungkook

Because of that, the K-pop group is unable to post pictures give updates, or release new music; it’s all on hold currently. So, the person who is suspected to be the lookalike of Jungkook is named Leiya Seguchi. Leiya himself is a well-known personality in the world of pop. He hosts shows of his own and also has fans because of his talent.

However, he is currently trending because of the way he resembles the K-pop icon Jungkook. This is not the first time BTS members have had a look-alike spotted online. Otherwise, there was Barusta who became famous because people thought he looked like V from the band, and later they also found a similarity between Japanese servers and named them as Suga’s lookalike.

The whole internet is now topsy-turvy because of this new resemblance they made with Jungkook. The fans are in dire wait to see and hear what BTS is gonna come up with after their military break is over. The fans miss the team, and that cannot be stressed enough as to how the ARMYs are just waiting for the group to release new songs to mesmerize them.

Now it’s the time for the BTS ARMYs to fling themselves out in public and literally say “shick shak shock” to everyone.

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