Burger King Butter Chicken Crispy Sandwich Canada: Crispy Crispy!

Butter Chicken is a popular dish usually spread across South Asia and Arab countries. However, the surprising news came out that, a popular outlet in Canada, Burger King has started offering Burger King Butter Chicken Crispy Sandwich with Poutine and Butter Chicken Sauce. Burger King is a popular destination for Burger lovers and french fries. It offers burgers of various flavors like crispy, tandoori, aloo tikki, and many more.

Burger King Butter Canada’s ‘Butter Chicken Crispy Sandwich with Poutine and Butter Chicken Sauce’ Initiative is too Edible

Burger King has taken a creative step by introducing a Canadian dish. Even the famous fries served by Burger King comes with enough amount of butter chicken sauce and decadent cheese curds. Poutine can be made better if the patty is made more crispy. People love their burgers crispy. Therefore, for people loving extra crunch, Poutine should be made extra crispy. Butter Chicken is favorite dish of the majority of Canadians due to its fragrant aromas, creamy and savory texture.

The act of inculcating Butter Chicken dishes into the menu options demonstrates how dedicated Burger King Canada is to fulfilling its customers’ satisfaction. Burger King has combined two different culinary cultures successfully by adding the taste of a butter chicken crispy sandwich into the poutine and sauce.

Butter Chicken Crispy Sandwich

The butter chicken sauce offers a rush of heat and spices and complements well with the taste of crispy chicken both in Poutine and Sandwich. Canadian folks are in seventh heaven by eating flavourful dishes with fragrant onions, juicy chicken, and flavorful sauce. These yummy dishes are available at limited outlets of Burger King throughout Canada since 10 July. Burger King is currently offering two delicious fast food options, Butter Chicken Poutine, and Butter Chicken Crispy Sandwich. These can be eaten together or separately as well.

The consumers are also entitled to add crispy chicken to their Butter Chicken burger. This will take their Poutine to a whole other level. Thus, Burger King is offering the option to customize as well. Thanks to the customization option, every Diner has the opportunity to ensure an enjoyable eating experience. Throughout Canada, the opportunity to indulge in this heart-throbbing new taste is available with scrumptious toppings and creamy butter chicken sauce with crispy chicken.

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