Deepfake videos in a democratic country like India are a major concern, says PM Modi

In a recent virtual interaction with Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the importance of proper training and safeguards in handling artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent misuse, especially deepfakes. PM Modi emphasized the need for clear watermarks on AI-generated content to combat misinformation and the significance of creating robust guidelines on deepfakes in the context of upcoming elections in India. He also urged for leveraging AI to address real-life issues and adapt to the diverse linguistic landscape in the country.

Speaking about the potential of AI, PM Modi acknowledged the risk of misuse, particularly in the realm of deepfakes, emphasizing the need for responsible use of the technology. He stressed the importance of ethical considerations and the need to establish clear guidelines regarding deepfakes to prevent widespread misinformation and deception.

Highlighting the diverse linguistic and cultural landscape of India, PM Modi underscored the importance of leveraging AI to recognize and adapt to different languages and dialects to better serve the population. He also encouraged pushing the boundaries of AI through constant challenges and fostering growth and adaptability in the technology.

The Prime Minister’s insights and emphasis on responsible AI usage shed light on the potential risks and benefits associated with the technology. As India continues to embrace AI in various sectors, PM Modi’s cautionary advice serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical considerations and safeguards to prevent misuse and promote innovation in the AI landscape.


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