Denmark Stock Exchange Fire Video All Over Internet: 400 Years Of Legacy Damaged

Denmark stock exchange fire video is currently all over the internet. On Tuesday morning, a huge and many fire engulfed Copenhagen’s old stock exchange located in Denmark’s capital. 

The video featuring the fire incident also spread on social media everywhere. 

Denmark’s Old Stock Exchange Fire Video

In the video that is circulating all over the internet, amounts of black smoke can be seen gushing out of the Bourse. 

The black flames encircled the entire Denmark Stock exchange building, making it collapse and crash onto the street.

Until now, no casualties have been reported. 

The police of Denmark urged people to avoid visiting the area with fire and crumbled buildings. TimesNow reported that, when the fire broke out, people were present inside the building. 

A spokesperson from the police department told reporters that all the people were safely evacuated from the building. 

As per reports by The Guardian, Troels Lund Poulsen, the deputy prime minister of Denmark, regarded the fire as a ‘Notre Dame moment’ for the country. 

Jakob Engel- Schmidt, minister of culture of Denmark claimed that the “400 years of cultural legacy” of the country has been devastated.

Jakob Engel- Schmidt went to X and wrote, “How touching it is to see how the employees at Borsen, good people from the emergency services and passers-by work together to rescue art treasures and iconic images from the burning building.”

CNN reported that the emergency personnel were trying to control the fire and it was impeding the blaze. 

About Denmark’s Old Stock Exchange 

Denmark’s old stock exchange was established in 1625. It is located near Christiansborg Palace, just a short stroll away. 

The Bourse was built between 1619 and 1640 and was commissioned by King Christian IV.

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