Donald Trump Ventured Into Selling Bibles At 60 USD, All About ‘God Bless the USA’ Bibles

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, has invaded the news and social media headlines.

The Guardian reported that after launching his own sneaker line including cologne and Victory47 perfume, he has ventured into selling “God Bless the USA Bibles.”

On Tuesday, Trump urged his followers on his social media platform, Truth Social platform, to buy the Bible. Trump’s Bible is inspired by a Lee Greenwood country song. 

Regarding the Bible, Trump wrote, “Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again. As we lead into Good Friday and Easter, I encourage you to get a copy of the God Bless the USA Bible.”

Donald Trump Promoting His New Venture Online 

Donald Trump went to his Truth Social platform and announced his latest venture. He said that it is a must for all Americans to keep a Bible in their homes, as per The New York Times.

Furthermore, the former President claimed that the Bible was his “favorite book.”

Trump stated, “Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country, and I truly believe that we need to bring them back. It’s one of the biggest problems we have. That’s why our country’s going haywire—we’ve lost religion in our country.”

Donald’s Bless the USA Bible contains the U.S. Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. It also contains a copy of the “handwritten chorus includes to a Greenwood hit song.

According to the former President’s official website, Jesus’ words are underscored in a large and red font in the Bible. 

Donald Trump added, “In the end, we do not answer to bureaucrats in Washington, we answer to God in heaven. Christians are under siege, we must protect content that is pro-God.” 

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Bible’s Price

Currently, the God Bless the USA Bible is sold at $59.99. However, it does not include shipping and other charges. The website mentioned prior that none of the revenue would go into the former President’s political campaign.

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