What Is The ‘Dry-Promotion’ Workplace Trend All About? Meaning Explored

Dry-Promotion is something that is gaining traction in the workplace media currently. Companies are giving raises to the title of the job to their employees, but they’re not increasing their salaries. This trend is becoming more common in actions, and according to reports this year, 13% of companies have done this to their employees.

‘Dry-Promotion’ Workplace Trend Meaning

People online and employees have expressed their unhappiness towards this unfair way of working, and there are threads online where people have mentioned their experiences with the same as well.

This method is also called ‘quiet hiring’, through which the employer has a cost-cutting way and also has employees do more work with the given old salary. People have also stated options as to how one can battle workplace issues like this. People have mentioned that one should use the new title as leverage to get jobs in better companies.

Some have mentioned that they should sit down for a meeting to talk about their increased work, which should come with additional monetary compensation too. Sometimes it’s stated that this is done mostly to save money.

During times of layoffs and cost-cutting, this method is used more to unofficially fire people as they tend to give up their resignation letters themselves. Dry promotions might start making their way into the job market.

According to netizens, these are mostly done in newer and smaller companies. Employers tend to do this because they want to keep the ‘exterior’ of the many looking the same, but they also want to save money and their funds.

Netizens also feel that it cannot be termed as a promotion as long as employees are not getting any kind of monetary benefit out of it. As long as the competition in this arena is still high, it isn’t easy to keep up with the cut-throat vibe of their workplaces.

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