Erin Ward, A High-School Teacher Gets Caught While Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Erin Ward a teacher and the wife of William Ward who is a civilian employee in the US Military Department in currently behind bars was questioned about her heinous act. Erin was found naked while having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old minor boy who is her student.

Erin Ward Gets Caught While Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Erin is currently 45 years old and the account where they were found belonged to her husband and her as per their resignation and documents which are filed. Erin’s photos are all over the news currently and she’s questioned by the police department.

William is an employee of similarity to us so little is known about his work and what he deals with. However, his commander has rebuked the media that because of his wife’s act, his license to work won’t be taken aback.

Currently, Erin is in question. “Ward also admitted to having sexual intercourse with the driver who she indicated was a 17-year-old male student at Burke High School,” the police said.

Erin currently is in the Douglas County Department of Corrections where it is a safe place for her to say and to be questioned by the law investigators. this case has caught the attention of many in the industry.

The heinous act of sexually abusing a minor has caught traction on the internet and has gained massive recognition online as well.

The part that makes this case even worse and dives deeper is, that Erin and William also have a daughter. She was found naked in an SUV near the school she teaches in. The neighbours found out and then they complained to the police, which led to the whole issue they are facing currently.

The matter is still under question and no further update has been received by the authorities or the officials yet.

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