Gitanjali Mangal injures ligament during romantic scene shoot for ‘Vanshaj’

Actress Gitanjali Mangal sprained her ankle while shooting a romantic sequence for the television show ‘Vanshaj’. This incident comes after actor Mahir Pandhi suffered a torn hamstring on set a few weeks prior. The injury later turned out to be a ligament tear.

During a romantic sequence, Gitanjali accidentally slipped on the grass and sprained her right ankle while shooting with co-star Aryan Arora. Despite the injury, she continued to shoot until the pain became unbearable, and she was rushed to a doctor where the severity of the sprain and ligament tear was revealed.

Gitanjali shared, “It was an amazing sequence where we all were having fun celebrating Holi, and there was a highlight in Miraya’s budding love story. However, I sprained my ankle badly while running towards Nikhil in the shot.” She expressed gratitude towards her team and co-stars for their support during her recovery.

‘Vanshaj’ focuses on family disputes and inheritance conflicts within the Mahajan household, with Digvijay (Mahir Pandhi) and Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) at odds. The show airs on Sony SAB’s Vanshaj from Monday to Saturday, showcasing the drama and dynamics within the Mahajan family.


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