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Greater Aligarh will be made on the lines of Noida and Delhi NCR

Noida– In the latest development, Greater Aligarh situated in Khair Road in the Aligarh district of U.P will be made on the lines of NCR. According to reports, Lucknow’s consultancy firm has been hired to develop a blueprint for the city. They will be making 3D designs as well as pictures of the Integrated Housing Township. Additionally, the Aligarh Development Authority (ADA) has recently made a residential scheme i.e. spread across 300 hectares on Aligarh-Palwal National Highway. During the board meeting chaired by the Commissioner, final approval was given to the township. ADA will acquire land near Khair Road in Moosepur in Jirauli,  Ahmedabad, Atalpur, Jirauli Dor, Rustampur Akhan, Jatanpur Chikavati along with Lohasra Visawan.

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The above-mentioned areas are priorities as per the schemes of the State and Central Governments. Other projects that are being built on this land are Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University and Defense Corridor etc. Aligarh-Palwal National Highway will connect Delhi-NCR to Aligarh. Plus, Jewar Airport will be connected to it. Because of this, the housing township of ADA was very crucial. As per the statement of ADA, Greater Aligarh will be divided into two parts. Infrastructure will be made into different categories of flats. Designs and blueprints are being prepared by a firm in Lucknow. 

Aligarh Development Authority has been named the first district to allocate land pooling schemes in the state. According to Transport Nagar Yojana, around 10 hectares of land have been acquired by the farmers. Besides that,  Lucknow Development Authority and Mathura also initiated a land pooling scheme but there were no changes in the land use due to which the matter got stuck. 

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