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Happy Gopashtami 2022 Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Images, Quotes, Pictures, Shayari and HD Wallpapers

Gopashtami is an auspicious day in Hindu tradition that is observed on the Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha during the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. 

This festival is celebrated on November 1. This year it will fall on Tuesday. The festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna, people worship him and offer their prayers to the cows. As per Hindu traditions, cows are worshipped and are regarded as sacred and are referred, as ‘Gau Mata’. 

Devotees do Gau Puja and worship cows and calves as rituals similar to the Govatsa Dwadashi festival, which is celebrated in Maharashtra. The divine festival is conducted with full joy and devotion. In Mathura, Vrindavan and other Braj regions, it is a celebration with full enthusiasm and pride. 

Gopashtami 2022 Date 

As we discussed above it is observed on the eighth day or Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the Hindu month of Kartik. This year 2022, it will be on November 1, Tuesday. The festival is highly honoured among the agricultural community as they are dependent on cows and Hindus regard cows as holy

Gopashtami History and Significance

It is believed that on this day, Lord Krishna’s father, Nand Maharaj, sent him and his brother Lord Balaram for the first time to herd the cows. As they reached Pauganda, ages between  9 and 10 years. After that, two brothers were allowed to take charge of the cows. Hence, it marks the day Lord Krishna started serving as a cowherd. On this day, people also worship Lord Krishna because he protected humankind from a severe catastrophe. The festival is celebrated to seek the blessing of god for a happy life and great fortune. People ask for forgiveness, humbleness and mental peace. 

Happy Gopashtami 2022 Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Images, Quotes, Pictures, Shayari 

On this day, we wish may All your wishes are fulfilled and come true by serving the cow. Happy Gopashtami to you and your family

The cow represents the giving nature of life to every Hindu Honoring this gentle animal who gives more than she takes. Happy Gopashtami

May Lord Krishna Bless You All on This Auspicious Day. Happy Gopashtami!

As per Hindu beliefs, the individuals who worship cows on the eve of Gopashtami are blessed with a happy life and good fortune. Happy Gopashtami

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