Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah’s Private Video Viral, Trending On Twitter, Reddit

With the shocking turn of events, the famous social media influencer Hareem Shah has become a hot topic in the media. According to multiple unverified reports, her private video has allegedly been leaked on the internet.

So far, there has been no official confirmation about the alleged leak, but the news is trending all over the internet.

Meanwhile, it has sparked a debate on Twitter/X and Reddit over the breach of privacy and the right to consent.

Many are siding with her as she is one whose privacy has been breached if the video has leaked without her consent.

While some are targeting her, she often uses fake news to grab publicity in the media.

Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah’s Private Video Leaked News Viral

So far, nothing concrete is available on her leaked video. Some curious netizens are even looking for the link to the video but are unable to find it.

Coming back to Hareem Shah, this is not the first time she has been a part of a controversy. Earlier, she claimed that her husband had been kidnapped in Karachi and sent a plea to ISI to help her.

Additionally, she often posts cryptic messages on her social media account while tagging notable personalities to attract media attention. Since the alleged leak, no statement has been made from her side.

The Internet has become a toxic place for many content creators. Now and then, renowned social media influencers find themselves in a fake video leak scandal made to attract clicks and views on unauthorized websites.

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