Kick Streamer N3on Has Been Arrested in Dubai: Dexerto

Famous Kick streamer N3on, according to Dexerto, has been arrested in Dubai. Since the past few days, rumors have been circulating about his recent arrest.

Earlier, there were reports that he was detained by the police for illegally filming at a theme park.

It should be noted that neither N3on nor his girlfriend, Sam Frank, have addressed such claims in the media yet. Dexerto has exclusively announced that both of them have been arrested, but no news related to their sentencing.

Kick streamer N3on arrested in Dubai 

On April 12, news started to dominate social media about his interrogation by the police over filming at a theme park without permission.

Fellow streamer Adin Ross, who is not on good terms with N3on, also discussed the topic on his recent livestream. He stated:

“He needs some prayers. The only thing I will say is…it’s sticky. It’s a very sticky situation. “It’s just hard right now. Man, people gotta stop talking about it…I’m not gonna speak on sh*t, ’cause I know I make things worse. But pray for N3on, man. He needs some prayers. Imma just say this though, I’m doing everything that I can do to try to help. But people around him made it really hard. I’m not gonna say specifically who but you guy can put two and two together.”

N3on’s girlfriend, Sam Frank, recently made a tweet on X/Twitter talking about their experience in Dubai. Stating:

“I cannot speak on anything, but when I can, you guys will be the first to know.” 

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