Daniel Gómez del Barrio Gets Fired After Eating His Own Feces

The act of eating faeces or animal excretion is perhaps a very common scenario that is seen when it comes to the animal world. It mostly happens due to stress or the fear of vulnerability around the living being.

However, when humans do the same thing, it is sometimes very abnormal and at times also considered a type of sexual fetish by the human being.

Daniel Gómez del Barrio Gets Fired

Currently, a case like that is going around on the internet which has gained attention online because of the disparity it is showcasing. So, Spain’s counselor Daniel Gómez del Barrio is now fired for doing something that has freaked out many people.

It is very uncommon and a sight that has grossed people out online so much that he had to get fired for his deed.

Photos and videos of Daniel Gómez del Barrio where he was seemingly eating his feces have gone viral, which has drawn attention to it. At the moment, it has been viral online, the mayor of Illescas, José Manuel Tofiño, has fired Daniel as he was the Councilor for Youth, Children, and Family.

When the content was leaked, Daniel was asking people to use him as a urinal, which states that he was doing all of this because of his sexual inclination.

This act is not very common among the people, but it is known around. Coprophagy might be gross but it is a very normal thing that is seen in the animal kingdom. First, when the content was sought, people thought it was fake, however, when they saw the ID number, everyone confirmed it was Daniel.

Currently, Daniel stands fired from his work because of what he did. People are kind of grossed out because of his actions. It has become a situation when Spain without the ‘P’ is valid.

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