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How to Clean Laptop Screen, Keyboard, and Hardware?



Whatever the cost of your laptop is, you should clean it, even if it is less than $700. There is a significant likelihood that your machine has seen more than it appears.

When it comes to computers, the screen and keyboard are the two areas that require the most frequent cleaning. Even after wiping the screen and keyboard with a cloth, a little amount of dust remains around them. That is correct, isn’t it?

It’s difficult to comprehend that people consume food while working on a computer or watching a movie. While you cannot see the particles that accumulate beneath your keyboard keys while you work, they do slow you down.


If you’re being completely candid, your laptop may require internal cleaning at some point. Over time, the hardware on your laptop may become blocked with dust, causing it to slow down. As a result, it is possible that you will need to remove the back panel and clean the fans and circuit board on the rear.

Cleaning the Laptop Screen

1. Turn off and disconnect your system.

To begin, disconnect all external devices attached to the computer. Prior to closing down the computer, remember to save your tasks and data. This will improve the computer’s performance.

If you’re going to hold your laptop for an extended period of time, it’s preferable to switch it off and remove it from the power cord.


2. Obtain a wet towel or a Screen Cleaning Kit.

If you have a moist cloth in your wardrobe, use it. Alternatively, if you don’t, you can improve your results by purchasing a variety of different cleaning goods from e-commerce websites. Screen Mom’s Screen Cleaner Kit is a household name. It’s gotten a lot of good feedback and has proven to be useful for people all over the world.

You may clean the screen with the included spray and cloth. A mere damp cloth is unlikely to suffice. You should avoid using water to rinse your screen. If you do not take care of the LCD screen on your laptop, it can easily be broken.

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3. Screen Wipe

On a towel, sprinkle some cleaning solution. Then simply wipe the surface clean with it. To remove dust, you can use a damp towel from your home. After using the screen cleaner, wipe the screen clean with a dry cloth.

Additionally, cleaning chemicals should be used daily. You should clean the screen no more than once a week.

Keeping the Keyboard Clean

Keeping the Keyboard Clean

As a follow-up, we’ll discuss how to properly clean a keyboard. Let’s see if we can clean the board without utilizing the exact identical steps or tools.

Turn off the laptop’s charging system.

Why? Because you may be in shock, and your work may be jeopardized if you do not. To ensure the safety of your data, ensure that you unplug everything from your laptop, including the charger. If you use an external keyboard, simply unplug it and clean it thoroughly.


It’s critical to maintain these gadgets with care to avoid misplacing the keys or causing harm.

1. Make a purchase of a keyboard cleaner.

Cleaning your laptop with a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is the best place to start. Someone else has already made use of this. They are quite content with their lot. This may sound strange.

Another technique is to clean using a super-comfortable brush. Because it is so easy to use, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. This program thoroughly cleans every nook and key on the keyboard. Additionally, it is quite simple to use! Both of these items are excellent, yet their costs are rather dissimilar. Examine the merchandise and make your own determination.


2. Ensure that the keyboard is clean

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s now ready to use. Be sure to give yourself a high five and turn the laptop upside-down before continuing. This will remove all dust from the keyboard.

The next step is to vacuum up all the dust and other debris. The battery life is limited and it must be recharged. Indeed, it is cordless. Clean the edges of each key one at a time with the Cleaning Brush provided.

3. Wipe Down the Exterior Panels

To restore your laptop to its pre-broken state. To maintain it dust-free, you’ll have to clean it periodically.


This can be accomplished with the same soft cloth or Microfiber cleaning cloth used for the first activity. This is an excellent way to clean your phone’s or television’s screen, as well as the inside of your laptop. Even alcohol-soaked wipes can be utilized in this instance. Alcohol has been proved to be effective at eliminating germs, and the wipes will do the same.

Remove the wipes from their plastic wrapping and use them to clean your panel and screen. It always works out in the end. It dislodges all of the dust and other particles that have accumulated.

How To Clean The Hardware On A Laptop (Internally)

How To Clean The Hardware On A Laptop (Internally)

While the screen and keypad have been cleaned, it is critical to also clean the laptop’s internal components. This is not a task that everyone is capable of. It’s critical to learn how to clean delicate components before you open them up.

1. Disconnect all components from the panel.

This could happen with computers manufactured in the twenty-first century. They may be unable to open completely. When this occurs, a repair company must be contacted. Naturally, you should now open your laptop.


Remove the screws that secure the rear panel and it will come off. Take extreme caution when removing the computer’s touchpad and keyboard. Kindly avoid touching these wires at all costs. Additionally, PCs are becoming less likely to have detachable batteries. Remove the battery before you can access the back of your laptop.

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2. Make use of a little vacuum cleaner or can have compressed air.

Your computer’s components and the fan of your laptop should be completely cleaned. To perform this, you’ll need a little vacuum cleaner or a can with a lot of air, such as this one.


If you purchase a can of compressed air on Amazon right now, you may do it for a discount. Electricity is not required to run the vacuum cleaner. To prolong the battery’s life, charge it at least once a month with it. This handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning personal computers, laptops, and other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3. Conduct a thorough cleaning of all hardware components.

Clean the keyboard’s interior with the vacuum cleaner to finish. When the cleaner is running, gently spray the components with it. Then, use it to wipe the fan of dust to ensure that it continues to work properly.

It’s safe to use a soft cloth to clean the items after using the cleaner. This will cause no damage to the wires. Even though your vacuum cleaner is strong, you should avoid using it to clean your laptops at home because the nozzle is too large.


When you’re finished, review the findings to determine if they’ve changed. Reassemble the components to restore functionality.

If you are unable to open your computer’s cooling vents due to a malfunction, simply blow some air out of them. Alternatively, via the USB ports on the laptop’s side. It will not remove all filth, but it is effective.


After reading this, you should understand how to properly clean your laptop. After following the steps, you can accomplish this yourself. Certain clients might rather leave this task to a technician. Perform the following steps before beginning any work: Disassemble all of your gear and turn it off. Here, we’ve already discussed some of the best cleaning agents for laptops’ interior and external components. Make sure they have been tested and proven to work for you as well.


Do not use water to clean your computer’s monitor or keyboard. This happens when the LCD screen gets submerged in water. At first glance, it may appear to be a sound plan. As a result, refrain from using water for any purpose.

If you don’t want to use a spray or liquid cleaner, you can just clean with a cloth. Clean your laptop more frequently to extend its life.