How to get high scores in AP exams?

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The Advanced placements exam is a highly valued and reputed exam throughout the United States and Canada. High scores in this exam guaranteeing placement into reputed colleges in the course of your choice and course credit in college. With these kinds of incredible benefits, why won’t a student join?

The sad truth about AP exams is the fact that although it isn’t very difficult to get into one, only a few people ever manage to actually secure grades good enough in their AP’s to be certified by their school.

So the question now becomes how to get high scores in AP exams. With the required scores for some schools reaching nearly 4 to 5, it becomes near impossible for the average student to balance schoolwork and AP classes, so how do you do it?

Here is How to get high scores in AP exams?

Especially with other activities trying to fit extra classes into your schedule is near impossible. So here’s how you can change your luck around and ace this test:

  1. Prepare a schedule:

Preparing a schedule for your daily activities, from eating to sleeping to school and play will not only help you build your grasp on how to structure things more efficiently but also permit you to schedule your study and free time. This lets you maintain schedules with variable individual schedules for subjects, chapters, and revision. Having a plan and a schedule will help you track your progress and take on topics by point. If you want to see effective guides, then preparatory courses and books might be what you are looking for. The ExamGenius guides like the AP European History can help you with this.

It will also be advantageous for you to mark deadlines to ensure that you stay on track with your work and progressively improve so as to ensure that you complete your syllabus by the exams.

  1. Be aware of the pattern:

Most people fail to understand that good knowledge of the testing pattern can immensely reduce the effort required during tests. Identify the places which require more time and plan your answering strategy accordingly, attempting a few mock papers when aware of your strategy will help you further improve it.

  1. Find your strengths and weaknesses:

Finding the places where you are stronger and weaker can completely change the game for you. You can use this data to find the topics where you will need to put more effort, this will give you an edge in weaker topics and ensure that you spend your time covering up on parts you’re weak at.

  1. Using tutors and guides:

There are tonnes upon tonnes of online tutorials and guides to help you prepare for the exam and boost your AP exam scores. Moving from meager 3’s all the way to 5’s will now be a possibility with the help of tutors and guides to explain concepts individually and independently to coach students. This ensures that you are taught complex problems and coached on how to perform more efficiently all in one.

Most online classes of today offer face to face coaching with relatively low costs and work at most active hours to fulfill an educational need you might come across.

Getting help from a friend or senior might be a practical way to build up experience and knowledge quickly and can increase the rate of learning.

  1. Taking mock tests:

There is no simpler method available to you than taking mock tests now and again to ensure that you have a strong grasp on what you have studied. It also works as a great determiner as to whether your preparation was enough, where you are lacking, and gives you a feel of the structure of the exam.

Taking mock tests are also a well-earned break from the dread of repeated study:

  1. Take breaks:

Always remember the importance of taking breaks, Having a good study session means that you have taken adequate breaks. Alternate between 25 minutes of study and 5 minutes of rest ( Pomodoro Technique ), to improve your chances of doing well in your studies.

  1. Time yourself:

As you write the mock papers it is essential to time yourself as sometimes you might end up being able to solve every question but end up submitting an hour late.

Such an issue can be subverted by writing several tests while noting your time.

Advanced Placement tests are a difficult set of tests and require a good understanding of various subjects and to clear. However, the benefits of writing such a test are immense and should definitely be attempted.

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