How to play Sic Bo game


Sic Bo is a widely played board game in different casinos around Asia. The name means precious dice, but also popularly known as ‘dai su’, meaning small or big. This game was discovered in China and was introduced to the U.S. by Chinese immigrants during the 20th century. It is now played legally around the world on online casinos (real money) 


Sic bo is played using three dice. The punters place their bets on the named scoring boxes on a table after rolling the three dice. There are multiple ways of winning in sic bo, but the ones with the highest chances of winning are Big, Small, Odd, Even and Dice combinations. Winning is possible when the dealer rolls the combination wagered by the punter. There are strategies for winning at Sic Bo, although it relies mostly on chance. A punter must know the payout and house edge of casino sites vary, so it is best to go to the one with a better RTP. Also, wager the most recurring bets, like Big, Small, Even, and Low for a better chance of winning.


Sic Bo is an uncommon game, but there is a variant with similar gameplay called Grand Hazard, derived from the English. Its style of play involves rolling three dice with a cup down an inclined chute, so the dices tumble as they are rolling. In the game, punters try to achieve ‘waffles’, which occur when the same numbers appear after the dice roll. The waffles pay eighteen times the original bet placed.


Sic Bo is easy to learn though it can be intimidating at first. After a few attempts, you should become familiar with the gameplay and start playing for winnings. It is purely a game of chance, so if you are interested in a game requiring strategy, Sic Bo might be the wrong choice.

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