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India supports UN initiative to ensure AI is ‘secure, trustworthy, and open’

India and the US are leading a UN resolution to ensure secure and trustworthy AI systems, promoting inclusivity and preventing misuse. The resolution aims to tackle vulnerabilities and risks, with a focus on human-centric, ethical AI development. 53 countries, including India, are co-sponsoring the resolution to accelerate AI use for Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The draft resolution emphasizes creating AI systems that are secure, reliable, explainable, ethical, inclusive, and privacy-preserving, while respecting human rights and international law. It calls for collective action to address the rapid development of AI technologies and the need for interoperable identification, testing, and prevention mechanisms for vulnerabilities and risks in AI systems.

US Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield stresses the importance of AI technologies in today’s world, urging member states to take action collectively. The resolution highlights the significant role of AI in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing capacity building and sharing benefits with developing countries.India is cosponsoring with the US a General Assembly resolution that calls for promoting “safe, secure and trustworthy artificial intelligence systems” and “bridging the artificial intelligence and other digital divides between and within countries”.”

The resolution aims to establish a shared vision for AI systems, ensuring they are developed in a sustainable and responsible manner. With the participation of 53 countries, the resolution underlines the importance of AI in addressing global challenges and promoting inclusivity in AI development. The focus is on building just societies and abolishing poverty by utilizing AI for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


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