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Karnataka Congress Leader Satish Jarkiholi Remarks “Hindu”, Its Persian Origin and Forceful Imposition

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In Karnataka, the Congress is embroiled in a heated debate when one of its leaders challenged the word “Hindu’s” etymology and said that the name and belief are being “forcefully forced” on the populace.

What Satish Jarkiholi Said?

Where did the word “Hindu” originate? It originated in Persia, the Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi responded when asked. How far away is that? Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Iraq. What is its relationship to India then? How do you feel about the term “Hindu”?

Jarkiholi demanded a discussion on the subject, saying: “This should be discussed. Check out Wikipedia and WhatsApp. It’s not your term. What makes you want to elevate it? You’ll feel ashamed once you realize what it means. The word has an extremely nasty meaning. This is not what I’m saying, Websites already contain it.

Satish Jarkiholi, a former diplomat in the Congress administration, was giving a speech at a gathering in the Belagavi area of the state. “You are pushing this language and faith on us against our will.”

The BJP, a political rival of the Congress, as well as online users, have harshly reacted and criticized the remarks.

BJP Leader’s response to this Remark

“It’s regrettable. The majority has always been disrespected by the Congress party. Siddaramaiah did the same thing earlier. Currently, Satish Jarkiholi, a former minister and his follower, is acting similarly, according to S Prakash of the BJP.

“This argument has no merit. He claims that the word “Hindu” is a Persian insult that is rather derogatory. They relish humiliation of this nature. Congress should make it clear what he said and let us know if this is his personal or the government’s position. Even yet, Congress had to apologize and punish Satish Jarkiholi, said Prakash.

However, he lacks the power to make such decisions. Only unneeded controversy results from this. While some Twitter users agreed with the Congress leader’s assertion, many others were unimpressed.

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