Katy Perry Faces Wardrobe Malfunction During An ‘American Idol’ Performance

During the performance of Roman Collins, Katy Perry faced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, and that caused a stir. So, Roman was singing on Indian Idol, and he was singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” and during his performance, Katy Perry’s top broke.

To hide the issue, she sneaked behind the table and somehow managed to go through his performance. The host was the first one to notice that she was facing trouble with her top and immediately went on to pass a comment about how Katy should be aware so that she doesn’t end up hiding herself trying to fix the top.

Katy Perry Faces Wardrobe Malfunction

When the performance was over, Katy also joked to Roman about her top. She mentioned how he can break off the room the level or even a top. “That song broke my top off!” Katy remarked.

People were also being a little funny by asking for ratings while her top was broken off, and Katy wittily replied that if she gives ratings or doesn’t let her top stay the way it is, then it will be more than a family-friendly reality show. Katy has faced wardrobe issues before as well.

During one of her live performances, she also faced issues with her eyelashes, and the back side of her top broke off. Celebrities are always in the limelight, hence they need to keep themselves picture-ready, but wardrobe malfunctions are also very common and nobody will see that coming.

Using your wit and body is the only way one can back out of these embarrassing situations on camera. Katy and the team joked and made out of that situation which turned this embarrassing moment into something they all enjoyed and had a great laugh about.

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