Tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee’s Review About Humane’s AI Pin Spark Digital Backlash

Famous tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee is a renowned reviewer who often reviews the latest advanced technology and gadgets. Recently, he posted a video titled ‘The Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed… For Now.’

In the video, he talks about Humane’s new AI Pin. The review has gone viral on the internet, sparking backlash from the company’s employees and netizens. He called the product the ‘worst product’ he had ever reviewed.

WATCH: Tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee reviews Humane’s AI Pin

Also, the video is spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms, with many criticizing his review as it is one of the emerging companies making its way into the market.

The Humane AI Pin is a small wearable computer that straps to users’ T-shirt. It costs around $700, plus a $24 monthly subscription. The main purpose of the gadget is to perform daily tasks such as making calls, answering questions, as well as taking photos. It also has a function to project an interactive screen on the user’s palm.

Talking about it, Marques Brownlee appreciated the overall design and build of the device. He further added that he liked the concept of AI assistant and even respected the Humane team for making continuous efforts to make something so creative.

However, Marques Brownlee stated that the device takes time to respond and sometimes gives wrong answers. He also stated that the battery life is inconsistent. Video and picture quality are also of low quality.

Danei Vassallo, an internet personality, targeted Brownlee on X/Twitter, saying –

“I find it distasteful, almost unethical, to say this when you have 18 million subscribers. Hard to explain why, but with great reach comes great responsibility. Potentially killing someone else’s nascent project reeks of carelessness. First, do no harm.”

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