T-Series vs MrBeast: The Subscriber Battle Is On, Who Will Win?

T-Series is a popular Indian YouTube channel predominantly focused on music, trailers, and film updates under its banner. It’s primarily known for its Bollywood content and has amassed over 263 million subscribers on YouTube. T-Series currently holds the title of the most-subscribed channel in the world.

In 2019, T-Series and PewDiePie engaged in a neck-and-neck competition to become the most-subscribed channel, with T-Series emerging as the winner. However, the competition has resurfaced, this time with MrBeast.

T-Series vs MrBeast The Subscriber Battle Is On

MrBeast is a YouTuber known for organizing challenges and giving away cash and exclusive gifts to winners and participants. He is seeking revenge against T-Series for PewDiePie’s previous loss.

The viral war has already begun, and T-Series has given its audience a head start, urging them to increase their subscriber count and followers. T-Series has also encouraged fans to join hands and make the channel the topmost, highlighting the importance of amplifying cultural heritage through media.

MrBeast has not officially made any statements about this war yet, but he is currently keeping an eye out. He posted a lurking emoji online, indicating his intentions at this point.

In their latest video, Gulshan Kumar was present, instructing viewers to amplify the channel. He was seen saying things like, “a vital member of our musical family,” “join us on this incredible musical journey,” and “unite and create history.”

Followers and netizens online are hyped to check out the results of who will come out victorious after the war ends. This time, their goal is to reach 300 million subscribers and whoever does it faster, wins.

The clock is ticking, and people are already choosing sides. Some have subscribed to both channels just to feel included and to weigh their mass more in this war.

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