Massachusetts Firefighter With Grim Reaper Tattoo, Jason Chapdelaine Stabbed His Girlfriend 40 Times To Death

Jason Chapdelaine, a 52-year-old, has been put on trial on Tuesday on charges related to first-degree murder. He stabbed his 48-year-old girlfriend, Eileen Monaghan, brutally. 

Jason Chapdelaine is a firefighter by profession. As per prevailing allegations, Chapdelaine stabbed his girlfriend 40 times and then tried to kill himself. 

As per the police, the suspect has pleaded not guilty to the act he committed. For further investigations, at Franklin County House of Correction he is being held without bail. 

As per the Daily Mail, the 52-year-old suspect hails from Springfield, Massachusetts. He has a striking tattoo of a symbol of death, which is of the Grim Reaper. 

On Tuesday, April 16, he was presented at the Holyoke District Court. On May 13, his next hearing has been scheduled. 

How did Jason Chapdelaine kill Eileen Monaghan?

Anthony Gulluni, the Hampden District Attorney, stated that when the victim was found, she was “suffering from stab wounds.” Meanwhile, the suspect was “unresponsive due to self-inflicted harm.”

Hampden County sheriff‘s deputies reached the scene when they got a 911 call from a security guard earlier. 

The autopsy report of the 48-year-old woman claimed that she passed away from “sharp instrument wounds and blunt force trauma including some 40 wounds to her head, torso, and arms.” The autopsy regarded the death as a homicide. 

As per the arrest report, Jason Chapdelaine was discovered at the scene with a belt surrounding his neck. The belt was “attached to a grab-handle on the driver’s side of his Toyota Tacoma”. Thus, the conclusion could be derived that the suspect tried to kill himself. 

The arrest report added that the accused made a 911 call and said that he didn’t “really mean to do it” before the police officials reached the scene, reported TimesNow.

As per the sheriff’s office, Eileen Monaghan- the victim was the mother of two and daughter of a retired HCSO maintenance supervisor.

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