Mastering Blackjack: Tips and Tricks from 1Win Experts

With the right strategy, you can lower the house edge significantly. And if you can add card counting to your techniques, your chances at the table are decent. This landscape makes Blackjack one of the few casino games with the lowest house edges. If you employ the best strategy, you can reduce the casino advantage. With our experience playing Blackjack for many years, we’ve come up with the best tips to build a solid strategy at 1Win Casino.

How Blackjack Works at 1Win

Playing 21 in at 1Win is no different, and you only need the Blackjack chart to give you an edge. It may appear daunting at first, but you will quickly understand how it works by reviewing solutions for each situation as you play Blackjack. The leftmost column contains your hand, which can be a total value or a specific starting combination of two cards. 

After determining this based on the hand you were dealt, check the dealer’s up card option at the relevant location. It is on the right, and the box will provide you with the best option for the given situation. You can either use one of the following options; 

  • stand
  • divide
  • split
  • double down
  • surrender

If doubling down or surrendering is not an option in your preferred blackjack game on 1Win, you can hit or stand. Games that allow you to double down and surrender are the finest options. Punters aim to beat the 1Win Casino to get a 21 from the playing cards. If you don’t understand these playing options above, the table below is the best guide to the playing options on blackjack on the 1Win platform.

Playing Options Description 
StandWith this option, you end your turn for the round and retain the value of the hand. It is always better to stand on a 17 or higher when playing.
Hit With this option, you ask for another card from the table, which will be placed in your hand. It is better to hit Ace-7 for the casinos 9, 10, or Ace.
SplitThis option creates two hands from a pair of cards of the same denomination. The best option is to always split 8s and Aces but never split 10s.
Double DownThis option requests one single card while placing an additional bet equivalent to the initial wager. The player’s turn finishes after the third card is dealt. It is always best to stand with 12 on casinos 4, 5, or 6 
Surrender This option allows you to lose the hand and only forfeit half of your starting investment.
InsuranceWith this option, when the Casino presents an Ace, a typical blackjack side bet is made. This second bet often requires half of your initial stake. If the dealer has Blackjack (21 from the first two cards), you will receive both your insurance bet and the money you placed on the hand. If the casino does not have blackjack, you will forfeit your insurance bet. Essentially, with insurance bets, you gamble that the dealer has blackjack.

Best Blackjack Tips 

These Blackjack tips are what you need to succeed at the 1Win platform. Although luck plays a crucial role, if you can incorporate these tips into your strategy, you have a high chance of success.

Learn Everything About the Game 

The first step for people who wish to play blackjack like a pro is to understand basic blackjack strategy. These strategies include basic principles, variants, the casino edge, and game etiquette. Luckily, we’ve given a brief overview of the game above. With this knowledge, you’ll be prepared to play your best, regardless of the cards.

Stick to Flat Bets

If you browse the internet, you can come across mentions of standard bidding strategies such as Martingale systems. This is a popular choice among beginners, although it is futile. This strategy is based on the fundamental tenet that every player is due to win at some point. This fact is a popular myth. Betting limitations restrict your bankroll, ensuring that systems such as the Martingale system are not statistically favorable to you.

Avoid Big Games 

Punters at 1Win should avoid tables with a 6-5 payout rule. In a typical blackjack game, the payout is 3:2. If you stake $10 and get blackjack, you’ll get rewarded with $15. It’s easy to believe, as a beginner, that a page from 6:5 will quadruple that amount, but it doesn’t. If you stake $10 and get blackjack on a 6:5 table, you’ll only win $12. Big payout rules are often used to deter card counters, but they also increase the house advantage. So, stick to games with a 3:2 payoff.


Finally, typical wisdom among top blackjack gurus boils down to learning basic strategy inside and out. After mastering the strategy, they then add building blocks of further, more sophisticated techniques to the foundation they’ve laid. Always stick to your strategy and use it to increase your chances.

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