Mother Warns Other Parents Online After Her Kid Fall Sick Due To The TikTok Chroming Challenge

TikTok is a short video-posting app. In this app, people can post short videos and pictures as well. To keep the trend and hype of the algorithm going, people tend to create trends. Many creators also hop in on trends to get through the algorithm and reach out to their target audiences.

Kid Fall Sick Due To The TikTok Chroming Challenge

Now TikTok comes up with many trends; some of them are fun, but some turn south to be absolute disasters. There are trends about relationships and cute videos, and some about throwing challenges here and there. However, TikTok is now up with another trend called chroming.

In this trend, people inhale cans of deodorant to gain some kind of shine from the inside. Without knowing the adverse effects of things like that, people and kids start creating content to gain fame and traction online.

The downsides of the Chroming trend have caught attention online when a mom opened up about what happened to her daughter as she was trying out this trend. She said, that after inhaling bottles of deodorant, her daughter was feeling sick and nauseous.

“She was sick every day for 12 days, if it were a bug it would’ve gone in 24 hours,”

said Mikayla.

“If you think your child has done this, get them checked — it can cause long-term damage,”

she continued.

She mentioned that Tiegan’s health was deteriorating and everything was moving slowly for her.

She continued that Tiegan also continued to be sick with the symptoms for 12 days after the incident happened.

After that, she continued to inform the parents to be aware of what their kids are doing.

According to Mikayla, what kids see on social media could be intentionally harmful and dangerous, which can also lead to death and the taking away of life.

This is not the only case that is up with the viral Chroming trend, about a month ago, a 11-year-old boy Tommie-Lee Gracie Billington was found dead after suffering a cardiac arrest while taking part in this TikTok challenge.

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