Daniel Larson Is Alive, Tiktoker Clears Air By Himself After Rumored Death News Go Viral

Famous TikTok personality Daniel Larson clarified on Sunday that he is alive and well. The move came after his social media section was filled with comments like ‘RIP’.

Daniel first came into the limelight when one of his videos went viral on the internet. ‘RIP’ messages were in such volume that he had to urge his fans to stop sending him condolence messages.

Daniel Larson Alive: TikTok Star Clears Up Death Rumors

Apart from that, the news of his death also caused fans to be concerned about his well-being. On his social media, he posted back-to-back reels showing his frustration over fake death videos.

“I need the fans to stop saying rip to me in the comments now!” 

In another video, he states:

“If the fans don’t stop saying rip major escalation will occur.” 

On Sunday, thousands of his fans started flooding his comment section when the rumor about his death started to gain momentum in the media.

Daniel Larson is a social media influencer and songwriter. He likes to call himself a fashion influencer. Daniel has garnered a massive fanbase on various social media platforms solely based on his talent. Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado, United States.

Daniel often becomes a target of the media due to unpredictable behavior in the past. In the media, many claim that he suffers from mental health problems and was taken into police custody in the past.

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However, the authenticity of such claims has never been verified by relevant sources. He first made a prominent impact on TikTok and used his fame to expand his status on other social media platforms.

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