Pakistani Man Covers YouTuber’s Shaila Khan Head On Camera Citing Allah, Video Goes Viral 

A video featuring YouTuber Shaila Khan teaching a man a lesson on consent is going viral on the internet. The clip shows a man forcibly trying to make her wear a shawl over her head.

The man allegedly was trying to tell her the ‘right thing’ to do in an Islamic country. Seeing his behavior, the YouTuber puts him right in his place.

Shaila Khan’s video goes viral on social media 

In the viral video, Shaila Khan was interviewing random people, discussing the Iran-Israel conflict and its potential impact on Pakistan. Out of nowhere, a man she was talking to suddenly puts a shawl over her head while reminding her she lives in an Islamic state and must obey Allah’s orders. He says,

“You are standing in front of me in an Islamic country, without covering your head.” 

To which she responds,

“O bhai, tum logon ka Islam dupatte se kyun shuru ho ke dupatte par kyon khatam ho jaata hai?” (Brother, why does your Islam begin and end at a dupatta?)

She further adds that a bigger sin is how a man touches a woman without her consent, saying,

“Is this what Islam teaches you.” 

Additionally, another lady who was standing with her head covered also adds her views, saying,

“Whether she wears a cover or not is something for her to decide. Not you.”

Shaila Khan is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer with 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is known for supporting India in many of her videos. On her channel, she has made videos in support of Prime Minister Modi, Ram Navami, and the CAA. One of her videos talks about Indian Republic Day at the Wagah border.”

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