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Naturam Godse Birthday: 10 Interesting Facts about the Killer of the “Father of the Nation”

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Naturam Godse Birthday: Today is the Birthday 111th Birthday Anniversary of the Murderer of the father of the Nation “Mahatma Gandhi”. Naturam Godse was born on 19 May 1910 in Baramti. People have different-different Assumptions about Naturam Godse, some people say he has done wrong by killing Mahatma Gandhi, or some say he has done absolutely right. Today on his 111th Birthday Anniversary here we tell you about 10 Interesting Facts about his Life, So Read Full Article.

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Naturam Godse Birthday: 10 Interesting Facts about the Killer of the “Father of the Nation”

  • Nathuram was reared like a girl from childhood. He used to wear a nath in his nose. In childhood, he was named Ramachandra. It was because of wearing Nath, his name became “Nathuram”.
  • Nathuram’s father Vinayak was married to a 10-year-old girl when he was 17 years old. Their first son was born sometime after their marriage, But, he died after 2 years. Then a Daughter was born in the Family. After, that they had 2 more sons who also died. There was a perception among the family that their sons were not able to survive due to any curse on the family.
  • The astrologer suggested to the family that if they have to ward their Son Nathuram like a girl, then he can survive. According to the book, Vinayak and his wife prayed to God that if they had a son, they would raise her like a girl. On 19 May 1910, his son was born and his parents named him “Ramchandra”.
  • According to the advice of the astrologer, the family members pierced the nose of Ramchandra and wore the Nath. Because of this people started calling him Nathuram. It is said that people used to tease her when he lived like a girl. According to the family, he used to sit in front of Kuldevi in his childhood by making a tomb and Kuldevi used to answer things through him.
  • By the age of 16, Nathuram had changed considerably. He started taking interest in other matters of the world except religion. He was fond of swimming and was also interested in social work. Nathuram was not very good in the study and had failed in the 10th class.
  • Nathuram was interested in history and mythology. Later he was influenced by the thoughts of Veer Savarkar. He was sentenced to death on 15 November 1949 at the age of 39 for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. According to Nathuram, who presented his side in the court after the murder, he considered Gandhiji responsible for the partition of India and friendly of Muslims. He considered them responsible for the destruction of the Hindus and had no regrets over his assassination.

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