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Noida multi-level car parking to get support for FASTag payments

Noida– In the latest development, Paytm has declared that the public can now pay for their parking ticket in the Noida — Sector 16 underground parking with FASTag. The collaboration is with MG Infra Solutions, the Bank will also enable FASTag payments even at the multi-level car parking in Sector 18 and Sector 38A in Noida. They will also be providing a transit wallet card solution that eases parking payments all around the city. 

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Through this partnership, users can pay for the tickets digitally without any worry regarding cash. Those who don’t know Paytm FASTag functions on radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Because of this, users can easily drive through FASTag lanes without stopping or worrying about paying with cash at the parking. This helps in saving time and fuel. When it comes to FASTags, Paytm Payments Bank is the largest issuer as well as the largest acquirer of parking plazas and tolls in the country. 

Lately, Paytm FASTag has become quite popular mostly because of its superior customer care support and instant activation. Another positive trait of it is that users don’t need to have a separate prepaid account or log in with their personal details in Paytm. Every Paytm FASTags are directly linked to the popular Paytm Wallet. The latest feature is already working in other popular spots including DLF City Centre, Patna Airport, Pune Airport, Star Mall, AIIMS, Pacific Malls and South Point Mall to name a few. 

Paytm is a successful Indian multinational company that enables digital payments as well as financial services. Its headquarter is based in Noida. The financial technology company also offer mobile payment services to its users where the merchants can receive the payment with the help of a QR code, online payment gateway and point of sale. 

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