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OneOdio Pro 50 Studio & DJ Headphones: Something Never Came Before | Get 10% OFF!

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What’s up, everybody? Today we’re going to be reviewing the Studio Pro DJ Headphones, OneOdio Pro 50 by OneOdio. This is going to be for those of you that may be into DJ-ing. But, if you’re into a home studio recording and mixing; looking for a nice good set of studio headphones, this is a product geared towards that.

What will you get inside the box?

Before getting started, You should know what is inside its packaging because something is impressive to know. You will get the following components in the pretty cool nice little sturdy box:

  • The headphones, 
  • A little carrying pouch,
  • Two different cables and,
  • A user manual.

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Budget headphones for niche targeted people.

Talking about the cables, you will get two cables, which are obviously meant for your cell phone with the TRRS jack and a standard TRS jack for PRO tasks. You will also have a mic and a button in the standard TRRS jack to answer calls. You can also use this cable when gaming; plug it just straight into your laptop or computer. Then the following cable we have is a half-coiled cable with a standard mini 3.5 mm jack and a hefty 6.35 mm jack on it.

Like I said above, for those of you that do mixing and related stuff a lot of times, you’ll need a 6.35 mm for your audio interface, a big which is precisely what you need. This is a perfect combination because you won’t need any adapter or converter for your tasks. You can use or interchange these cords according to your use.

Because you can plug either use the regular standard audio jack using the 3.5 mm hole or the 6.35 mm cable in the giant hole. It will suit you whatever setup you will get to go on. You can plug in the quarter as a jack and still plug this into your phone or your laptop. And the same with the auxiliary 3.5 mm one.

The Outside look of the OneOdio Pro 50 DJ Headphones

This one comes with only a color variant. This is a nice little black color. You’ve got their little logo on the side. It’s got kind of some texture on the side of the headband pieces. They are kind of like some trim lines that create some ridges. It’s compact. You can put it inside your backpack. You will love the form factor and also the cushioning as they are great.

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The sound quality

The sound quality of the OneOdio Pro 50 is pretty surprising. If only concern its sounds, you will definitely label it as the best value ever. It will get your job done for its fantastic quality. This will truly let you feel the experience of just like a higher-end headphone.

It provides 70 to 80 percent of noise isolation which is really good. These have perfect frequency separation, and lows and mids are excellent, and even highs work well. If you require studio-grade headphones, this one is worth it.

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If you’re interested in this killer headphone and looking for some mix and DJ headphones or studio headphones, definitely check these out in your given link and use the “UNIQUE10%” coupon code to get a 10% discount on the purchase. Definitely, it will always be a highly recommended product on such a budget from a company known as OneOdio.

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