WATCH: Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian Share A Kiss During The Oscars: Here’s Everything About It

The series name, “American Horror Story: Delicate,” surfaced a scene where Kim Kardashian was seen kissing Emma Roberts, causing a literal stir online.

The two lead roles of the series, in the middle of the series, started kissing, which blew brains off, and people did not expect that to go down like that.

Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian Share A Kiss During The Oscars

Roberts plays Anna Victoria Alcottan, and Kim plays Siobhan, her publicist. Now, Anna is trying to get an Oscar nomination, and Siobhan, after working tirelessly, can get one. After she struggles to conceive, Anna is finally pregnant, and they both go to the Oscars together.

However, during the Oscars, Anna was freaking out because she suspected that her husband was cheating on her. To calm her down, Siobhan sweet-talked her and physically kept her cool. However, this led to a flirtatious moment between them, and they started kissing. Right then, Anna is announced to have won an Oscar, and her water breaks, which ends the series.

Now, this scene has caused quite a bit of shock to the people online. None of them saw this coming, and everyone freaked out and couldn’t stop talking about this episode. Emma also opened up about this kiss on The Tonight Show.

She mentioned how fun it was for the actors to kiss. They constantly had to do touch-ups because Kim had smeared lip gloss all over the place; their lip according to her were sloppy.

Even though the scene was very intense and something that people won’t forget as a whole, the actor clarified that it was a lighthearted and amusing thing to do. This was not on our 2024 bingo card though.

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