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PSBB Sexual Harassment Case: Padma Seshadri School Commerce Teacher Rajagopalan Arrested Under POCSO Act

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Padma Seshadri school (PSBB) teacher Rajagopalan has been booked under Section 5 and arrested following a police investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against students.

Padma Seshadri Private School (PSBB) is functioning in KK Nagar, Chennai. Rajagopalan, a teacher in Accounting and Commerce in PSBB School, has been working here for the last 20 years. Many students have complained about him. That is, teacher Rajagopalan, who has been sexually harassing students for years, comes to the students with half-dressed in pornographic web pages and online classes, they said in their complaint.

Rajagopalan has also been accused of making misleading remarks about students’ appearance, harassing them by calling them at night, and making them feel embarrassed while taking lessons in the classroom. Students have called on the school administration to take immediate action and not to release their details. This issue has caused a great deal of controversy in Tamil Nadu politics. Various parties have been urging that appropriate action be taken against the teacher concerned.

When contacted by the school regarding the matter, it was informed that a proper investigation is underway. They also said that they came to know about this complaint only last night. The school administration explained that appropriate action would be taken if the complaint against teacher Rajagopal was proved.

Police immediately launched an investigation into the matter and took the accused teacher Rajagopal to his house in Madippakkam area of ​​Chennai and took him away. Rajagopal, who was taken away from the fold, was placed in the office of the Deputy Commissioner of All Women with a thousand lamps and interrogated.

The police investigation into the teacher Rajagopalan is said to have revealed many startling information. Some other teachers at the school are also said to have sexually harassed the students. Author Rajagopalan has been booked under Section 354 (a) of the Penal Code, including sexual harassment, and arrested under various sections of the Technical Act.

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