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Rajveer Mahey Receives Life Imprisonment For Stabbing Wife 29 Times To Death

Rajveer Mahey, 50, is the man who has invaded the news headlines for murdering his 45-year-old wife. Currently, he has been jailed.

Rajveer Mahey attacked his wife and left her with 28 knife wounds. The duo were living in Park Meadow Avenue, Bilston, reported BBC.

As per the Wolverhampton Crown Court hearings, Rajveer Mahey dragged his 45-year-old wife, Kamaljeet, to the garage of their home.

This incident occurred on December 15, in the early hours. Then the man stabbed and slashed her. 

Rajveer Mahey was sentenced to life imprisonment for a “minimum term of 16 years and eight months.”

According to Judge Michael Chambers KC, Mahey made his spouse undergo a horrific and brutal attack. 

Thus, at a previous hearing, the husband accepted his guilt. According to Metro, the 50-year-old also told the court that he was convinced that Kamaljeet Mahey was having an affair. 

What Happened To Rajveer Mahey?

On December 15, CCTV footage obtained from a neighbor featured the duo walking to the garage. It was 04:35 GMT. Then for ten seconds, screams were heard. Then silence prevailed. 

When this incident occurred, their children were sleeping upstairs. After nearly two hours, Mahey called his relatives and told them that he wanted to kill himself. 

At first, Mahey said that when the 45-year-old was preparing food, she raised a knife at him first. When Mahey fought back, she got fatal wounds accidentally. 

However, the evidence by the forensic department showed that “she suffered injuries to her hands trying to fend him off.”

Their 19-year-old son said that his mother was the world to him. He added that Kamaljeet would wake up early in the morning at 04:15 to make food for Rajveer Mahey to take to work. 

The 19-year-old said, “She made our home and that man has destroyed my and my sister’s home.”

The judge sentenced him to life imprisonment and told him that he “carried out an unnecessary and brutal killing, depriving your children of a mother”.

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