Raveena Tandon opens up about being best friends with her children

Actress Raveena Tandon, known for her role in the upcoming show ‘Patna Shuklla’, shared insights about her strong bond with her children and how it helped her connect with her on-screen son. In the show, she plays the character of Tanvi Shukla, portraying a relatable motherly role.

Speaking about the connection she shares with her children, Raveena mentioned, “I’m best friends with my kids and the same dynamics we’ve portrayed on screen with Tanvi’s son. Bringing that chemistry on screen with Patna Shukla brought back some lovely memories for me with my children. I’m sure the audience will feel the warmth and pure friendship that Tanvi and her son share.”

The show ‘Patna Shuklla’ revolves around a fearless lawyer who takes on an education scam case and finds herself up against a Chief Minister candidate. Raveena’s character, Tanvi Shukla, showcases the strength and determination of a mother who goes to great lengths for her child. Viewers can catch the engaging series on Disney+ Hotstar starting from March 29.

Raveena Tandon also highlighted a scene from the show where Tanvi chases the school bus to deliver her son’s lunchbox, a moment that resonates with many mothers. She shared, “Every house has chaotic mornings but a mother will cut through the chaos and come through for her children and that is something even I have personally done when my children were going to school.” The emotional depth and relatability of the characters are set to strike a chord with the audience.


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