3 Best Ruby Ahmed Web Series to Binge-watch this Weekend

Ruby Ahmed Web Series– The stunning actress Ruby Ahmed is one of the emerging faces in the entertainment industry. If you are looking to watch some of her best work then listed below are some Ruby Ahmed web series that you can enjoy at night and vibe alone. Keep scrolling- 

Best Ruby Ahmed Web Series

1. Vasu 

The plotline of the Roby Ahmed Web Series hasn’t been disclosed yet but it seems like it will be filled with enticing love-making scenes. Additionally, Ruby Ahmed has been cast in the main role. Since her debut, she has been a part of many hit web series and movies. She has surely made a mark for herself in the entertainment industry. 

2 Baba Rancho 3 

In Baba Rancho 3, Ruby Ahmed will be seen alongside Pooja Poddar, Karen Mallik and Ayesha Kapoor. The hit franchise is popular for its sexual fantasy-inspired plotline and sexually provocative content. The web series is available on Hotspot, an OTT platform. 

3. Videshi Ishq

The story of this Ruby Ahmed Web Series shows a sweet shop owner named Sharad Babu who is excited after befriending a foreigner named Christie through a social media app. Soon the love starts to blossom and comes to a point where Christie wants to show her love to him by sending him high-end luxury products as a gift. However, the story takes an interesting turn when it is revealed that he has to pay heavy customs duty to access his gift, something that is overly expensive for him to afford. The cast of the web series includes Mishti Basu, Ruby Ahmad, Nishant Kumar, Ashwin Kaushal, Ishan Tiwari and Nataliea Khachatryan in the leading role. Talking about Mishti, some of her best-hit web series include – Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyar, Palang Tod Friend Request, Riti Riwaz Pinjara and Charmsukh Salahkar to name a few. 

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