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Rwanda: Father called a child ‘monster’ and kicked mother out of the house

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Bajeneja gave birth to a deformed child, in the African country of Rwanda but the father called a baby a monster and refused to accept him. The baby was born with a strange disease. But same like her husband even peopled named the baby ‘Alien’ because of his face. She was also shocked and upset over her child’s birth but later accepted him as a mother. In Rwanda, there were instances reported wherein father called a child monster.

The husband asked the wife to abandon the baby. He even told her that she would have to leave the child if she wanted to live with him but when she refused to do so he kicked her out of the house.

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Bajeneja started finding help for her son’s treatment after being abandoned by her husband. It was difficult for her as her in-laws also didn’t support her. It was difficult for her to feed herself and her son.

When a child’s video went viral on social media many people approached them for help. In the video, she told her story and how her husband abandoned her and their child and kicked them out of the house. The woman told that her husband thinks that of the house. This video went viral on social media and caught many eyes so fast. Those who couldn’t help directly shared the video on the social media platform. Now people across the world have deposited crores of rupees for the treatment of the child. This is a great example of humanity that shows even fathers’ abandonment couldn’t stop a child from getting treatment.

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When the doctors first saw the child they were also surprised by the look of the child. They are not sure how the child’s face has become like this but trying to help him through treatment as much as possible. Bajeneja said that she had given birth to children earlier also but none of her children had such a condition. She has thanked the people for their help and is hopeful that her son will get well soon.

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