Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Morphed Deepfake Videos and Pictures Go Viral: Check Her Response 

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the popular South Indian actress, has recently found herself embroiled in a huge controversy. 

An awkward situation has surfaced on the internet where social media users claimed that Samantha allegedly went to her official Instagram account and shared a topless picture of herself. However, she deleted the post later. 

Samantha’s topless picture is currently all over the internet gaining huge traction. In the wake of this awkward scenario, Samantha’s fans have stood by her, defended her and also called it fake. 

Several netizens also claimed that on Sunday, an alleged picture of Samantha circulated all over the social media in which she was naked in a bathtub. 

Netizens said that the picture was on her Instagram story initially. Later, it got deleted. The actress was wearing a bathtub sans clothes.

Reactions of Samantha’s Fans 

Samantha’s fans raised their voices to support her. Moreover, they slammed the people who circulated the alleged picture. The picture was called morphed and fake. 

Allegedly, Samantha wore the same necklace in the bathtub photo that she could be spotted wearing in the sauna photo posted on her story. 

Fans admitted this as a Photoshop misuse.

A social media user wrote,

“Women are strong, trying to heal her body out of illness and promoting such health awareness. No evidence of her insta I’d name in instalment cheap pic many sharing. FAKE one.”

Another wrote, “Keep Throwing Stone on her, she has already built a mountain on it!”

On Sunday night, Samantha shared a note on her Instagram story with a self-assuring and empowering quote. Hence, her reaction was shockingly classy, as she didn’t address the issue directly. 

She wrote,

“The real flex is simply allowing yourself to exist with no need to justify or prove yourself.”

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