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5 Must-Watch Sanjana Roy Web Series

Sanjana Roy is a popular actress and model. Throughout her career, she has appeared in many hit web series, including “Mohini,” “Taley Rissaya,” and “Kaamwali Malkin.”

With that said, here we will be diving into some of the best Sanjana Roy web series that you can watch at night. Keep on scrolling.

Best Sanjana Roy Web Series

1. Riwaj

Sanjana Roy has crossed every limit to bring seduction to the silver screen. Make sure you are alone when you watch, as it is filled with bold scenes.

Image Credit: IMDb
Director Mukesh Narayan Agrawal
Cast Sanjana Roy

2. Mohini 

The story revolves around a girl named Mohini. Everyone around her wants to get laid with her. Soon, the story takes an unexpected turn. Watch how her love life starts to improve positively. The cast features Anupama Prakash, Himanshi Singh, and Pooja Kashyap in leading roles.

Image Credit: IMDb
Director Parvez Alam
Cast Anupama Prakash, Himanshi Singh and Pooja Kashyap

3. Mau Ki Daleel

One of the most in-demand erotic web series of all time. Shakespeare S. Tripathy, Sanjana Roy, and Bhanu Suryam Thakur are cast in leading roles. The passionate love-making scenes will keep you hooked to your TV screens till the very end.

Image Credit: IMDb
OTT Platform HotMasti
Cast Shakespeare S. Tripathy, Sanjana Roy and Bhanu Suryam Thakur 

4. Kaamwali Malkin

The web series revolves around a Kaamwali who can do anything for money. Watch the web series to know what happens next. The cast includes Sanjana Roy, Priyanka Upadhyay, and Ashish Soni in prominent roles.

Image Credit: IMDb
Director Azhar Hussain
Cast Sanjana Roy, Priyanka Upadhyay and Ashish Soni

5. Taley Rissaya

The main cast includes Sanjana Roy, Nirut Sirichanya, and Nawat Kulrattanarak. Watch the movie if you are 18 or above because it has many sexually explicit scenes.

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Image Credit: IMDb
Director Chatchai Surasit
Cast Sanjana Roy, Nirut Sirichanya and Nawat Kulrattanarak. 

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