Brazil Dam Collapse Amid Heavy Rainfall and Flood; Watch Video Here

Southern Brazil experienced heavy rains which have caused destruction in the area. Due to heavy rains, a hydroelectric dam located in the Rio Grande do Sul state collapsed. 

Due to this, over 30 people met their ultimate demise in the disaster. The BBC has reported that more than 60 people are also reported missing. 

Since Saturday, more than 15000 people have been forcibly evacuated from their houses as the rescue efforts intensify. 

Dam Collapse Causes Chaos

The hydroelectric dam collapse between the Bento Gonçalves and Cotiporã resulted in a two-meter wave. As a result, it worsened the critical situation in the flood-stricken areas. 

Emergency responders and residents both panicked hard as the difficulties were exacerbated. 

This Brazil flooding is described as one of the worst in recent history. Almost 500,000 people were devoid of critical resources, such as access to clean water and electricity. 

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian President, responded to the chaos and extended the central government’s support. Rescue operations were carried out in multiple municipalities as per urgent orders given by Governor Eduardo Leite.

Helicopters were also sent if any person is trapped and needs evacuation. Due to heavy destruction, aerial winching has been proved to be the most effective means of extraction. 

Cause Of Heavy Rain and Flood

Meteorologists studied the cause and announced that the level of unprecedented rainfall intensity can be attributed to higher-than-average temperatures coupled with upgrading humidity and strong winds. 

Thus, El Niño worsened Southern Brazil’s situation and its extreme weather conditions. 

According to The Economic Times, Forecasters from the meteorological department predicted the continued rainfall “with the passage of a cold front, Rio Grande do Sul’s communities’ resilience is being tested to the limit.”

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