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SwifDoo PDF – Powerful And Easy PDF Editor for Windows,iOS and Android 



SwifDoo PDF - Powerful And Easy PDF Editor for Windows,iOS and Android 

SwifDoo PDF is a highly versatile PDF editor for Windows that affords users greater freedom to manage various tasks such as editing, converting, annotating, translating, signing, and splitting any PDF documents easily and affordably. SwifDoo PDF also enables quicker text recognition in scanned documents and chatting with PDFs.

A Versatile PDF Editor for You

Among the multitude of ordinary PDF document managers, SwifDoo PDF stands apart as a cost-effective document manager specially customized for all Windows system users. It not only handles basic features like PDF editing, annotating, merging, splitting, and converting but also incorporates the latest technological advancements like AI-enabled ChatGPT techniques, which negate the time-consuming manual PDF document management. It also enables added features like summarizing, translating, rewriting, and syntax analysis of the PDF document.

Open/Create/Read PDF

SwifDoo PDF enables users to open PDFs or create PDFs from blank pages, images, files, scans, and CAD. Other features available for free include syntax and word you can convert PDF to cad and convert into image easily.


Edit/Add Footnotes to PDF

SwifDoo PDF allows users to augment productivity by editing or adding footnotes to PDFs. It also enables a host of other features like marking or highlighting a particular text, inserting text into the PDF files.

Merge/Split PDF

This feature is unique to SwifDoo PDF. The user can merge more than one PDF file into one file or split one PDF file into two or more files.

Compress PDF

SwifDoo PDF enables users to compress the PDF file to their desired compression levels without compromising image quality.


Convert PDF

SwifDoo PDF also enables users to effortlessly convert and save PDF files into any format, including PDF to Word DOC/DOCX, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HEIC, EPUB, CAD, and more formats, and vice versa.

Remove/Add Watermark

Watermarks are usually added as protection against plagiarism in PDF files, and this feature is available with SwifDoo PDF. However, SwifDoo PDF can also remove watermarks from PDF pages in one click.

Encrypt/Sign PDF

Security is a big issue today, and PDF files can be encrypted or signed with passwords to prevent the files from being opened, copied, edited, or printed by unauthorized users. The signature on the PDF files can be either handwritten or digitally uploaded.


Add Link/Pages/Images

Hyperlinks can be easily added to the PDF files with SwifDoo PDF. It also enables users to add a file or a page to the PDF and also to edit images.

Advanced Features

SwifDoo PDF incorporates the latest advances in AI and enables users to chat with a PDF to know the content of the file. It enables the creation of a summary of lengthy documents as well as other niche features like explaining, translating, proofreading for syntax errors, and rewriting the PDF texts in the shortest time using the latest ChatGPT 4.0.

Distinguish Text in Scanned PDFs

SwifDoo PDF incorporates a powerful OCR that enables it to extract text from scanned and image-based PDF documents, which are then easily converted into editable file formats such as Word using OCR, without compromising the original formatting and layout.


Convert PDFs En Masse

SwifDoo PDF enables the conversion of PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, CAD, images, and HTML, compressing numerous PDFs, encrypting, splitting, and printing, and vice versa en masse and in batches or bulk in the shortest possible time.


SwifDoo PDF is available for Windows, iOS and Android and helps to augment Business Productivity, helps paperless solutions and also boost productivity.

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Final Thought

SwifDoo PDF is the modern-age full-featured PDF software on the market today, which is economical, versatile, quick, and so simple that even a novice can handle it with ease. In today’s era, where the demand is for a one-stop solution for all your PDF reading and editing needs, SwifDoo PDF is the answer. The software is highly recommended, especially because the price is so down-to-earth and the features on offer are unending.


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