Tata partners with Shell to establish electric vehicle charging stations nationwide

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM) has partnered with Shell India Markets Private Limited (SIMPL) to set up public charging stations across India. The collaboration will utilize Shell’s fuel station network and TPEM’s insights from Tata EV owners to enhance charging experiences.

The two companies aim to introduce convenient payment systems and loyalty programs to facilitate charging for electric vehicles. Balaje Rajan of TPEM emphasized the importance of growing the charging infrastructure for mainstream adoption of EVs in India.

Sanjay Varkey of Shell India Markets highlighted the commitment to offering integrated solutions prioritizing convenience, safety, and sustainability. The partnership is expected to drive up EV adoption in the country, catering to the expanding customer base.

This strategic alliance between TPEM and Shell India Markets is a significant step towards promoting sustainable and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles in India. With a focus on convenience, safety, and sustainability, the collaboration seeks to enhance the overall charging experience for Tata EV owners nationwide.


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