The Evolution and History of Online Gaming

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Online gaming is an industry that has rapidly gained popularity over the last decade or so. Once upon a time, the idea of playing games on the internet was far too ridiculous, simply because the internet wasn’t powerful enough to do so. However, in recent times, online gaming has become the most dominant way to do things.

Online gaming is a general concept that has inspired many different types of games. Whether it’s the history of live casino games or the online versions of handheld devices, a lot of companies and people owe a lot to online gaming. 

Let’s take a quick look at the evolution and history of online gaming, so everybody understands exactly where we are now, as opposed to where we came from.

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The Power of the Internet 

It’s safe to say that online gaming didn’t really become a popular concept until the rise of the internet. Once upon a time, video games couldn’t go online because there wasn’t enough power in your typical internet connection to do so. Most people saw the internet as nothing more than a passing thought, something that was good for Google and not much else. The idea that you could play video games on it was ridiculous.

However, games did begin to develop. For example, the world of flash games began to grow and prosper at a very prolific rate. These games may have been basic in their design, but they did highlight that we could use online gaming as a service.

Now obviously, it wasn’t exactly the modern gaming juggernaut that we know today because a lot of the big companies hadn’t gotten involved yet. That would come a little bit later.

Online Gaming Evolution

Enter the Console Wars

One could say that the rise of online gaming really got going thanks to the presence of gaming consoles. Companies like Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft all began competing with each other for the sake of creating the best possible games. We had things like the Nintendo DS with Internet capability. The Xbox 360 came along, the PS3, the PS4, all of these offerings began to develop and cultivate an online gaming world.

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The reason why these types of things worked so well? People began to eat them up. Everybody loved the idea of online gaming because it was different and fun. You could now play with anybody, regardless of where they were in the world, and you could play your favourite games together.

Back to the Web 

With that being said, it was eventually the job of the internet to start transitioning back into online gaming properly. Companies began to put a renewed emphasis on using the World Wide Web as a platform for creating online games. Casino games, multiplayer games, flash games, downloadable games. They all turned up and started operating online. 

Obviously, one can’t argue that the console wars didn’t contribute massively. All of these video game companies working together to create the online experience, and competing with each other to create the best experience definitely helped things.

But, the juggernaut that was the web couldn’t be stopped, and so online games began to take route everywhere. Mobile phone companies started creating them as well, and online gaming became one of the most popular ways to do things.

Online Gaming History

The Norm 

Of course, all of this is just normal things now. Online connectivity is something that we take as standard practice these days, and most people are surprised when they can’t get online. 

Online gaming has definitely become the norm and has also become a way for people to stay in touch with important friends and family. No, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the world, so long as you have a connection, you can play online. More often than not, you can play with people that are close to you as well. 

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Final Thoughts 

So, the rise of online gaming shouldn’t be difficult to track. It’s not tricky to see exactly how online gaming has developed over the years, and the type of presence it has cultivated. It’s one of those things which has done considerably well and will probably continue to grow for years to come. 

Online gaming has stuck because we have an increasingly digital world. It’s become popular because it ties into the lifestyle that we want. As we get more and more connected to the internet, it becomes easy to start playing online. Coming up with the best possible resources for online gaming takes time, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s important to remember that online gaming can be a very enjoyable way to do things, and it is most likely going to stay for a long time. 

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